Folding@Home exceeds 1.5 ExaFLOPS in the battle against Covid-19

Why it issues: Folding@household, a task in which volunteers lend their spare compute electricity to analyze the coronavirus and health conditions this sort of as most cancers, has exceed 1.5 ExaFLOPS of general performance. With just one ExaFLOP equivalent to a billion billion operations, the network now features 1,500,000,000,000,000,000 floating place operations per second, making it about 10 situations more quickly than the world’s fastest supercomputer.

We noted only final 7 days that Folding@Dwelling had obtained 400,000 volunteers and was able of 470 petaFLOPS of dispersed computing general performance. Now, that cumulative general performance has achieved 1.5 ExaFLOPS, many thanks to the 4.63 million CPU cores and just about 430,000 GPU it employs.

To give you an strategy of what that type of general performance seems to be like, the world’s most effective supercomputer—Summit—boasts a peak compute of 200 petaFLOPS and a LINPACK benchmark of 148.6 petaFLOPS.

Folding@Dwelling commonly researches health conditions this sort of as most cancers, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Right after introducing coronavirus analysis to its checklist, the variety of volunteers, and its general performance, skyrocketed. By understanding the dynamics of Covid-19 proteins making use of computer system simulations, it’s hoped that new therapeutic options will be found.

If you want to lend your computer’s spare electricity towards battling the coronavirus and a assortment of health conditions, just download the Folding@Dwelling customer. You will be signing up for numerous tech shops and components vendors, which includes Nvidia and EVGA, that have place teams jointly.

The White Residence also launched the Covid-19 HPC Consortium this earlier 7 days, letting scientists entry to US-primarily based supercomputers in the hope of expediting analysis into possible medication and vaccines for the virus.

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