John Deere Tango E5 Series II Review


The John Deere Tango E5 Series II is a strong and strong robotic lawnmower, and it seems great. Performance in normal is extremely good, with the robotic in a position to deal with grass-cutting responsibilities no matter the weather conditions. Slight challenges include occasional challenges with navigation and the absence of an application all the things is managed by means of chunky onboard controls.


  • Even grass cutting
  • The traditional blade cuts neatly
  • Curved path boundary technique
  • Uncomplicated operation
  • Crafted to past


  • Not at its most effective on rough fields
  • Compact entrance wheels
  • Manual slash peak adjustment
  • Difficult to see exhibit
  • Low grip in wet weather conditions

Crucial Specifications

  • Evaluate Cost: £2,130
  • 19-102mm cutting peak
  • Lawns up to 2200m2
  • Up to 36% hill climb functionality
  • Automated charging
  • Basic safety sensor
  • Long lasting blades
  • Bigger button interface
  • Low noise

Satisfy the 2nd generation of John Deere’s robotic mower relatives, the John Deere Tango E5 Series II. This absolutely water resistant robotic in signature JD livery (which includes yellow wheels) leverages the company’s agricultural-tech knowledge into a domestic mower which is able of holding lawns up to fifty percent an acre (2200m2) trim.

Through testing in excess of the summer months, the Tango E5 Series II impressed with its established and neglect operation, grass-cutting precision, 100% coverage, and respectable hill climbing ability in the dry. On the other hand, a couple of obstacles caught out the Tango and the small entrance wheels fell foul to floor cracks and rabbit holes. For smoother, substantial-high quality lawns, the Tango provides an impeccable manicure and wonderful finish no matter what the weather conditions.

John Deere Tango E5 Series II Robotic Mower – What you require to know

  • Grass cutting – The traditional a single-piece mower blade supplied a clean up slash and is small plenty of to end scalping, while adjusting slash-peak is a little bit of a faff
  • Navigation – Random sample navigation with specific get started zones functions well, with the Tango delivering perfect, tuft-cost-free coverage
  • Impediment dealing with – Tracking the boundary wire and loops proved no trouble, but the Tango did have some minor challenges with a lifted planter and rabbit holes.
  • Slopes – Dry slopes up to 30 levels are no problem for the Tango, but the wheels aren’t wonderful in wet, muddy circumstances

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John Deere’s Tango E5 Series II style and design – Looks as good as the company’s industrial products

Sporting traditional John Deere green and yellow colouring, the Tango E5 Series II is the company’s solo entry in the domestic robotic mower marketplace. Fairly than develop a assortment of models for unique sized lawns, the organization has opted for a compact, straightforward-to-use mower that will deal with lawns from postage stamp dimension up to a severe fifty percent acre. Make high quality is excellent through we’d unquestionably again the Tango in “garden robotic wars”.

The mower operates applying a traditional, one rotating steel blade with peak adjustment managed by grasping and rotating the circular cutter deck. Not precisely a refined way of carrying out factors, but it is very simple and successful. The exact goes for the Tango’s set up. This design eschews wireless connectivity and application-dependent manage in favour of a chunky keypad and menus on its Liquid crystal display monitor.

There’s no application, but the chunky controls on the again make the robotic lawn mower straightforward to programme

That will make set up reasonably easy, with the typical operating-hours scheduling, ability to programme the mower to get started in unique zones and a raft of protection features which includes a contact-delicate unexpected emergency end on grasping the rear carry deal with. Although the logic of the menu cannot be faulted, the exact isn’t genuine of the real Liquid crystal display monitor. It is tough to browse when shiny daylight demonstrates from the area.

John Deere Tango E5 Series II Screen

The monitor can be hard to browse in shiny light

There are some super-neat touches which includes a slight tension on the wheels to guarantee it continues to be docked and charging even in substantial winds, and an quick unexpected emergency end if the electricity to the base station goes down. It mows in any weather conditions in accordance to the timetable, mulches in fine-cuts to save accumulating, and takes itself again for charging as necessary. If it detects lengthier grass in more rapidly-rising places, it slows and goes into a spiral mowing sample till the lawn is uniform.

The device was installed by our regional John Deere retailer and, considering that this was a short term set up for critique reasons, the workforce pegged down the boundary wire instead than device dug it in. By the finish of the summer, the wire experienced wholly disappeared into the turf and was properly invisible anyway. The Tango bought a marginally demanding base station placement way too, with a small slope to a single side making an interesting examination.

The John Deere workforce established up the device and then spent a good hour talking us through the features and features. Although we do like a little bit of Do-it-yourself, we strongly advise acquiring your regional retailer to established up your robotic mower except you have the flattest, squarest lawn possible.

Out installer did substantially of the Tango’s set up, but diving into the menus is easy and sensible, presenting a good collection of alternatives. Unusually, cutting peak isn’t between them. This is manually adjusted, demanding you to flip in excess of the device and flip the cutter deck, winding in or out from the physique. A small scale on the side of the device provides you a rough concept of cutting peak. Although primary, it is useful, and the consequence is a single of the widest cutting-peak ranges – 19mm to 102mm – of any robotic mower we have tested.

Given a lawn area of all-around 500 sq. metres, we programmed the Tango to only mow in the daytime, five times per week. The scheduling assistant will make it all extremely sensible and straightforward to use, even without an application.

You can established it to head to unique zones when it initial commences each and every day. This assures that in circumstances the place lawns are awkwardly shaped, the Tango will not pass up any places in excess of the week. There’s no rain sensor, so the Tango will go out in any weather conditions and will run overnight. Both of those the drive motor and blade motor are super-quiet in operation, but the traditional one bar blade will make far more real cutting noise than razor-blade design robotic mower cutters, so general noise is low but this mower isn’t the most stealthy on the marketplace.

John Deere Tango E5 Series II functionality – Typically faultless, but a several places of issue

The Tango navigates the garden next a random mowing sample bordered by a boundary wire. Unlike models that simply run-up to the wire, flip and head again out, the Tango “sees” the wire in progress and curves away, just clipping the perimeter of the lawn. This speeds up its mowing operation considering that there is no reversing to do arguably, it creates a smoother finish in the vicinity of the edge of the lawn.

In the summer months, the Tango done well, even on our demanding industry-like lawn total with lifted flower beds, random bushes and a collection of lumps, bumps and slopes.

Our instead muddy and rough lawn unquestionably didn’t assistance the Tango a single little bit, but it still managed to produce a severely well-manicured lawn that went verdant green as the grass bought applied to the constant clipping and mulching. Mud, rabbit holes, torrential weather conditions and severe obstacles didn’t see the Tango at its most effective – but for those people with a respectable, flat lawn up to fifty percent an acre, the Tango is a very simple to use, substantial-high quality robotic mower that feels like it will past a life time.

The plus side of the traditional blade is the Tango fortunately handles extremely very long grass at the beginning of the mowing period. Unless of course your lawn has turned into a meadow in excess of winter season, there is no require to pre-mow – while slowly dropping the peak each and every day will assist mulching the very long grass down into the soil.

Straight out from its dock on day a single, our Tango was established at a 45mm cutting peak and busied itself in its random navigational sample, building wide sweeping turns as it approached the boundary wire. As quickly as it uncovered some lengthier grass it went into a spiral mowing sample, extremely correctly making sure substantial progress places are trimmed as well as the rest of the lawn.

Soon after a several weeks, normal mowing functionality was outstanding, with the lawn turning out to be velvety and with zero skipped places. The boundary wire experienced been laid so that the Tango ran extremely close to a boundary wall, properly lessening the require for any strimming or edge trimming. In conditions of day-to-day mowing, significantly on open places of lawn, the Tango was faultless.

It wasn’t till the wetter finish of the summer period that the Tango experienced any challenges. A lifted planter was handled by the bump and reverse navigation well 99% of the time, but every so normally the Tango would test to drive through when it touched the planter on an uphill slope. It would then be scuffing up the lawn with spinning wheels in advance of reversing out.

We also experienced a trouble with the small wheels slipping foul of cracks and more substantial rabbit dug-outs in the lawn, significantly if they coincided with a sharp turning manoeuvre or an uphill part. The tread on the rear wheels appeared inclined to clogging with grass and mud, and we cannot assistance but feel that marginally bigger entrance trolley wheels would assistance stay clear of minimal dinks and dug-outs in the lawn.

All of which will make the Tango a little bit Marmite, to confuse comestible dependent metaphors. On our rough floor crammed with dangers, it rose to the problem 99% of the time, delivering a wonderful all-in excess of slash. Nonetheless we cannot disregard the 1% acquiring stuck in rabbit holes and attempting to bull-doze our lifted planter. On flatter lawns with good floor, and without mad rabbits, slippery-when-wet clay soil or floor that opens into chasms at the merest hint of two sunny times in a row, the Tango will be a faultless performer.

Ought to you acquire the John Deere Tango E5 Series II Robotic Mower?

A major option for flatter, high quality lawns, the Tango eschews application-dependent manage and digital peak adjustment for stable, reliable functionality and an (pretty much) idiot-evidence programmer on board. Aside from the wireless connectivity, it provides minimal away in conditions of features to competitors and provides a special curved boundary path that retains the lawn edges looking as fresh as the middle.

Hard obstacles this kind of as rabbit holes and slippery wet circumstances did see its navigation battle a couple of instances, but that will not be an problem in neater, flatter lawns. The spiral spot slash for taller grass worked extremely well – and, by the finish of the summer, we could only be super-impressed with the high quality of the slash and the velvety texture of the lawn.

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