See a StarCraft Pro play the game with a monstrous keyboard

WTF?! It’s normally the scenario that even larger is far better, but there are some exceptions. Computer system keyboards, for illustration, are rather impractical when they’re the dimensions of a compact table, as a single specialist Starcraft participant shown.

As noted by Personal computer Gamer, the comically big mechanical keyboard was proven off by Starcraft Pro Lim “Larva” Hong Gyu all through a single of his streams.

Again in 2017, all through the finals of the Zotac Cup Masters Showmatch, Larva resolved to display off his StarCraft: Remastered abilities by utilizing his still left foot as a substitute of his hand on the keyboard as the match drew to a near. He also produced a single of his worker units dance all over in a circle, and at a single position pretended to drop asleep in his chair for a couple seconds.

In this VOD, we see Larva dragging the big keyboard into shot at all over the 2:05:00 mark just before plugging it in. He demonstrates how a single critical addresses virtually half the keys on a conventional keyboard, and at a single position, the participant pulls out his patented ‘foot controller’ go.

Hitting the top rated row of keys requires Larva to extend out his complete arm, all when utilizing the (normal sized) mouse in his other hand.

The entire video is in Larva’s indigenous Korean, so it is unclear what the tale behind the keyboard is. It appears to be like awkward as hell, but he’d doubtlessly nonetheless be able to conquer most folks at Starcraft utilizing this monster peripheral. At the very least you could not toss it across a place in a in shape of rage.

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