Tesla restores autopilot features it remotely disabled in second-hand car

A incredibly hot potato: Hardly ever undervalue the power of terrible publicity. Immediately after Tesla eradicated driver assistance characteristics from a 2nd-hand Design S 75D following its order from a vendor, the organization has restored the Increased Autopilot and Comprehensive Self Driving, blaming the incident on a “miscommunication.”

Final 7 days brought information of an anonymous purchaser who bought a 2017 Tesla on December 20 very last 12 months from a third-celebration vendor. Offered at auction, the car or truck was outlined with the driver assistance characteristics, which cost all over $8,000 when adding them to a new auto.

What the consumer did not know was that 3 days immediately after Tesla sold the car or truck to the vendor, it carried out a distant audit and flagged the characteristics for elimination. It was only immediately after the car or truck was sold that Tesla pushed out a software program update that disabled them. When the consumer contacted Tesla, they had been told the car or truck was “incorrectly configured for Autopilot variations that they did not spend for.” The organization even made available to re-incorporate the characteristics for a price.

Whilst there have been experiences of similar incidents in the previous, Tesla dealers insist that characteristics would not be eradicated if they had been outlined as component of a 2nd-hand car’s specs. Now, the consumer in this circumstance has had them reinstated.

Composing on Tesla Motors Club discussion board (spotted by TNW), the consumer mentioned they had been contacted by a Tesla rep who “apologized for my difficulties, told me that Tesla has restored all missed options.” The cause the characteristics had been disabled? A miscommunication, seemingly.

Whilst this circumstance was solved, other people who never get any media exposure could be encountering the identical dilemma. Ideally, Tesla will study from this incident.

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